Service Details

Detailed information regarding MariaDB SkySQL services is available through the SkySQL Portal.

Access Service Details

To view your list of MariaDB SkySQL services:

  1. Login to the SkySQL Portal. You will be shown your services upon login.

    1. Click on the desired service to view Service Details.

For real-time status and metrics, see SkySQL Monitoring.

Information Provided

Service Details include the following information:

  • Service Name

    • How long ago the service was created

    • Service Status

    • Service Topology

    • Region

    • Size of provisioned transactional storage

    • Read-write TCP port

    • Read-only TCP port (for Primary/Replica topology of MariaDB Platform for Transactions)

    • Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) used as the hostname when connecting to the service; copyable using the copy icon at right.

    • Configuration, as specified in the Configuration Manager

    • Whitelisted IP addresses

Links are additionally provided to: