Transactional Storage

MariaDB SkySQL services that rely on transactional storage, such as the Standalone, HA, Galera, and Xpand topologies, have fixed disk sizes. Over time, databases can outgrow the available disk space.

Services that are low on disk space are at significant risk for running out of disk space in the middle of an operation. This can result in the service stalling, crashing, or in data loss.

MariaDB Corporation SRE teams monitor disk usage and will contact customers when services are low on disk space.

Low disk space can be detected by customers through SkySQL Monitoring. This can reveal low disk space at a service-level as well as for individual servers. Monitoring can also raise alerts to notify users when disk space is low.

Services created before the 2021-08-09 update may have up to 30% additional disk space available. Customers are only billed for the requested disk space.

Customers using transactional services with low disk space can contact Support to upgrade their services to provide larger disks.