In 10.6 ES, 10.5 ES:

A description for this Performance-schema Table has not yet been added to this Documentation.

In 10.4 ES:

Not present

See also: Performance Schema in 10.6 ES, in 10.5 ES, and in 10.4 ES



CREATE TABLE `replication_applier_status_by_worker` (
  `CHANNEL_NAME` varchar(256) NOT NULL COMMENT 'Name of replication channel through which the transaction is received.',
  `THREAD_ID` bigint(20) unsigned DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'Thread_Id as displayed in the performance_schema.threads table for thread with name ''thread/sql/rpl_parallel_thread''. THREAD_ID will be NULL when worker threads are stopped due to error/force stop.',
  `SERVICE_STATE` enum('ON','OFF') NOT NULL COMMENT 'Whether or not the thread is running.',
  `LAST_SEEN_TRANSACTION` char(57) NOT NULL COMMENT 'Last GTID executed by worker',
  `LAST_ERROR_NUMBER` int(11) NOT NULL COMMENT 'Last Error that occurred on a particular worker.',
  `LAST_ERROR_MESSAGE` varchar(1024) NOT NULL COMMENT 'Last error specific message.',
  `LAST_ERROR_TIMESTAMP` timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT current_timestamp() ON UPDATE current_timestamp() COMMENT 'Time stamp of last error.',
  `WORKER_IDLE_TIME` bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL COMMENT 'Total idle time in seconds that the worker thread has spent waiting for work from SQL thread.',
  `LAST_TRANS_RETRY_COUNT` int(11) NOT NULL COMMENT 'Total number of retries attempted by last transaction.'


Release Series


10.6 Enterprise

  • Schema changed in MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.6.4-1: ...

  • Schema changed in MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.6.5-2: ...

10.5 Enterprise

  • Added in MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5.3-1.

  • Schema changed in MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5.13-9: ...

10.4 Enterprise

  • Not present.