SkySQL Release Notes 2020-07-15

MariaDB SkySQL is a DBaaS offering from MariaDB Corporation, providing cloud database service based on MariaDB Platform.

These release notes show changes made to MariaDB SkySQL as of 2020-07-15.

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What's new in this release?

  • MariaDB Platform for Scale-Out Transactions allows you to deploy 3-7 nodes of MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5 with the Xpand storage engine for Distributed SQL, enabling the distribution of the entire database or just individual tables.

  • MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5 and MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4 are now available for MariaDB Platform for Transactions.

  • Configuration Manager support has been extended to all services (previously transactional-only), with an expanded set of configurable options. Additionally, Configuration Manager now provides the ability to configure the MaxScale load balancer in Primary/Replica configurations of MariaDB Platform for Transactions.

  • Workload Analysis technical preview, previously a feature demonstration, has been updated to collect monitoring data of your SkySQL transaction services, when enabled. The data is then analyzed to characterize the workloads running on the database and provide insights beyond what traditional monitoring allows.

Service Changes at a Glance

Changes shown in bold.



As of 2020-07-15

Services Available

  • MariaDB Platform for Transactions

  • MariaDB Platform for Analytics

  • MariaDB Platform for Smart Transactions (HTAP)

Platform Available

MariaDB Platform

MariaDB Platform

Transactional Software

  • Transactions - Standalone: ES 10.4.12-6

  • Transactions - Replicated: ES 10.4.12-6

Analytical Software

  • Analytics: ES 10.4.12-6

  • Smart Transactions (HTAP): ES 10.4.12-6

  • Analytical configurations: ColumnStore 1.4.3

Load Balancing Software

  • Multi-node configurations: MaxScale 2.4.6

  • Multi-node configurations: MaxScale 2.4.10

Storage Sizes

  • Transactional configurations: 100 GB to 2,000 GB

  • Analytical configurations: 80 GB transactional storage

  • Analytical configurations: auto-scaling object storage

  • Transactional configurations: 100 GB to 6000 GB

  • Analytical storage unchanged

Instance Sizes


Existing regions unchanged


  • Multi-node instances on Power Tier: 99.995%

  • Multi-node instances on Foundation Tier: 99.95%

Existing Service Level Agreement unchanged


  • Standard (included)

  • Enterprise, with optional SkyDBA

  • Platinum, with optional SkyDBA

Support offering unchanged

New Features in this Release

Updates to SkySQL User Interfaces

New Features in SkySQL Monitoring

SkySQL Monitoring provides status and metrics for SkySQL instances. SkySQL Monitoring is currently in Technical Preview.

New in this release:

  • Support for MariaDB Platform for Scale-Out Transactions (Xpand)

  • Ability to rearrange, save, and restore monitoring dashboards

  • Improvements to disk and table space metrics

  • Improvements to network error metrics

  • User Interface improvements

    • Improved search control, pie chart control, precision labels, network error and packet loss metrics, database size, used connections and aborted connections display, tooltips, performance, and stability

    • Reflect MariaDB Platform for Smart Transactions (HTAP) replication status

Other Updates to SkySQL Documentation

Support and Feedback