SkySQL Release Notes 2020-12-16


MariaDB SkySQL is a DBaaS offering from MariaDB Corporation, providing cloud database service based on MariaDB Enterprise.

These release notes show changes made to MariaDB SkySQL as of 2020-12-16.

New Features in this Release

  • MariaDB SkySQL is now available on Amazon AWS as a Technical Preview.

  • Alerting features have been added to SkySQL Monitoring. These alerting features are available as a Technical Preview:

    • Condition-based alerting rules (metric vs threshold for time interval).

    • Rule tagging to enable grouping of like alerts.

    • Notification channels to receive alerts, with email-based delivery.

    • Notifications sent to notification channels based on tags and severity.

Updates to SkySQL User Interfaces

  • MariaDB Platform for Distributed SQL topology formerly labeled Xpand is now Distributed Transactions.

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