SkySQL Release Notes 2021-04-21


MariaDB SkySQL is a DBaaS offering from MariaDB Corporation, providing cloud database service based on MariaDB Enterprise.

These release notes show changes made to MariaDB SkySQL as of 2021-04-21.

New Features in this Release

  • MariaDB Platform for Distributed SQL is GA (Generally Available)

  • On Google GCP, Galera topology is GA (Generally Available)

  • MaxScale Redundancy option

  • Enhanced zone awareness for MariaDB Platform for Distributed SQL

  • On Amazon AWS, new storage configuration option for provisioned IOPS

  • On Amazon AWS, support for AWS PrivateLink to establish private connectivity between your VPC and SkySQL services

  • Automated nightly backups are performed for MariaDB Platform for Distributed SQL services

  • Expanded disk size options for MariaDB Platform for Distributed SQL services

  • New regions added for Google GCP: europe-north1, europe-west3, northamerica-northeast1, us-west2

  • New regions added for Amazon AWS: ap-northeast-2, ca-central-1, eu-north-1, eu-west-2, eu-west-3, us-east-1

  • On Google GCP, expanded instance sizes

  • Upgraded MariaDB Enterprise Server, MariaDB Xpand, MariaDB Enterprise ColumnStore, and MariaDB MaxScale software versions

  • Updated interface for Alerting (currently in Technical Preview) for SkySQL Monitoring

  • Updated interface for SkySQL Monitoring, including an "Upgrade" button to apply latest dashboard capabilities when enhancements are available.

  • On Amazon AWS, services now support disabling SSL/TLS enforcement on client connections at launch.

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