SkySQL Features

Start Small, Go Anywhere

Developer-friendly, starting as low as $100 a month, with little initial need for IT support and built for global mission-critical applications. Easily scale across three dimensions:

Separately scale compute and storage database instance size to 64vCPUs, 512GB RAM, 9TB SSD and 2.5K IOPS

Scale HA nodes up to 5 for read replicas with upfront cost estimates

Scale out to 6 nodes in the foundation tier and 21 nodes in the power tier for Xpand across availability zones, regions, even clouds

Unstoppable Performance

Don’t trade price-performance for high availability or global scale. Get transaction assurance and higher throughput from adding active nodes, not costly insurance from standby nodes. No code or developer intervention is required to scale, ensure failover or leverage replicas.

Instant Failover

Sub-second failover, including a rerun of the last transaction, is transparent to the client, and automatic

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Intelligent Data Proxy

Built-in data proxy with load balancing and read-write splitting, speeds read-intensive applications

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Read scaling

Built-in read scaling for up to 4 read replicas – no application changes needed

Distributed SQL

Up to 21 Xpand multiwriter nodes on a shared-nothing architecture, supporting parallel replication cross-region

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Operational Analytics

SkySQL makes it easy to deploy and run MariaDB for any type of workload in the cloud, including reporting and ad hoc, advanced analytics. Avoid ETL and data pipeline complexity while accelerating business intelligence, reporting and other real-time analytics on transactional data.

Zero-ETL Ingestion

Store and retrieve data from S3, GCS and other object stores at high-speed and without ETL to ColumnStore and Serverless Analytics

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Columnar MPP Data Warehousing

Enterprise Server with ColumnStore avoids the ETL, latency and complexity of using a separate cloud data warehouse

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Distributed SQL Analytics

Use Xpand columnar indexing to perform operational analytics on transactional data efficiently, up to 50x faster

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Serverless Analytics

Powered by Apache Spark SQL for zero-ETL analytics on any data in SkySQL or cloud storage with a notebook powered by Apache Zeppelin

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Observe Everything, Anywhere

SkySQL Observability provides monitoring and management for all MariaDB databases within SkySQL database instances, in other clouds and on-premises data centers. No matter where your MariaDB database is running, SkySQL Observability enables users to pinpoint slow or failed queries, other performance issues and reduce response time with faster, more accurate insights.


  • Real-time insights on performance and capacity
  • Automated and customizable alerts and notifications
  • Extensible with OpenMetrics and Prometheus
  • Supports Datadog, New Relic and other full-stack observability tools
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SkySQL monitoring

Ultimate Flexibility for Developers and CloudOps

SkySQL takes an API-first approach with a set of REST APIs compatible with MariaDB’s broad ecosystem of third-party development, integration and migration tool partners. SkySQL also provides built-in developer tools to support parsing and ingesting JSON and semi-structured data, as well as running SQL queries and visualizing results.

SQL Query Editor

Run queries directly in your browser to interact with data stored in any of your SkySQL databases.

Apache Zeppelin Notebook

Collaborative development environment for interactive analytics with built-in visualization and forms.

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Execute transactions for applications using MongoDB client libraries, transparently converting MongoDB API calls into the equivalent SQL.

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Terraform Provider for CloudOps

Easily and rapidly provision multiple SkySQL database instances of Enterprise Server, ColumnStore and Xpand on AWS and Google Cloud.

Fractional DBAs

No matter the size of a company, mission-critical projects need DBA expertise to handle the last mile of database tasks. SkyDBAs offer unparalleled expertise and value – beyond anything available from public clouds. Senior-level MariaDB certified DBAs are available 24×7 and function as virtual members of your team, performing all database operations like a full-time employee, at a fraction of the cost.

Disaster recovery

SkySQL combines nightly backups, persistent disks, point-in-time rollback and cross-region replication to minimize the recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPO/RTO) of mission-critical, production databases.

Automated backups

SkySQL performs automated non-blocking backups every night to support on-demand, point-in-time restore when requested.


SkySQL can perform an online point-in-time rollback when requested to undo recent changes such as accidental deletes or updates.

Global Replication

With Xpand, SkySQL can deploy global replication in secondary regions in order to recover from failures in the primary region.


SkySQL databases are secure by default, with end-to-end encryption and all database access restricted until administrators allow specific clients and servers. Power tier users also get a single-tenant environment for complete isolation. MariaDB’s Trust Center provides detailed information on SkySQL security policies and procedures as well as ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certifications, HIPAA practices and GDPR compliance.

End-to-End Encryption

SkySQL encrypts data both in transit and at rest, requires secure client connections (i.e., SSL/TLS) and provides a certificate chain for verification.

Allow Listing

SkySQL databases are not publicly accessible, and require admins to allow the IP addresses or ranges of any clients requiring access.


SkySQL services transit the public internet gated by the built-in firewall and access to services are managed through it on a per-service basis based on the allow list.

Portal SSO

SkySQL power tier customers can configure the SkySQL Portal to accept authentication with their SAML 2.0 IDP (identity provider).

Private Connections

SkySQL services can be configured for private connections using AWS PrivateLink and Google Cloud Private Service Connect (PSC).

Single Tenancy

For power tier users, SkySQL creates a private Kubernetes cluster in each region an enterprise customer deploys to, isolating all of their database infrastructure.


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