Geospatial Web Mapping

Cascading Geospatial Server

Stream web maps, tiles, features and data

Our geospatial team were pioneers in web mapping and open standards. Our map server was the first commercial web map server ever brought to market. Under constant development for over 20 years, it is now the most mature, efficient and standards-compliant web map server available. Over the years it has evolved and adapted to the changing environments that have become the modern internet, but the driving goals behind its design have always been efficiency and performance.

It will support more users using fewer resources than any competing solution, while remaining rigorously compliant to open web mapping standards. Its OGC-compliant APIs are supported by every major desktop and web mapping application and toolkit on the market. A central component of MariaDB Geospatial, the map server will stream maps, tiles, features and imagery data to any device or application.

What is a “cascading” map server?

Unique in the industry, our map server is capable of connecting to third-party “downstream” servers, retrieving their capabilities, and presenting them as its own. It can retrieve layers from these other servers and integrate them into a seamless map, regardless of the limitations of the downstream servers, or the versions of the various protocols they support. It will automatically augment the abilities of the other servers as required to provide extra coordinate systems and image formats, etc.

Standards First

Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure our products remains the gold standard for standards compliance, performance and reliability. They are unparalleled in their ability to rapidly compose and serve maps from disparate data sources in complex, multi-user network environments.

Our comprehensive symbology engine fully supports the OGC Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) standard, allowing users to dynamically create striking customized maps. Always up to date with the latest OGC standards, yet completely backwards compatible with older versions.

We guarantees that your development efforts will be focused on your projects, not on dealing with the complexities of myriad incompatible map servers.


Scales with your Business

Our web services are highly optimized for performance and scalability and a single node will have no problem handling several hundred simultaneous users using very modest computational resources. And when you are ready to grow, it grows with you. The architecture is designed to run in elastic computing environments such as Amazon’s EC2/ELB framework, allowing the number of map server instances to grow and shrink automatically based on demand. This guarantees reliable, predictable performance, independent from the load on the system.


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