Get Started with SkySQL

Get Started with SkySQL

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It’s easy to get started with SkySQL, and it doesn’t cost a thing. Sign up for SkySQL today and get a $500 credit toward up to three cloud databases of any size and any type (transactional, analytical or hybrid).

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Take a short tour

In this 5-minute video, we’ll walk through the basics of creating and configuring cloud databases using the SkySQL portal.



Watch the on-demand webinar

Watch the on-demand webinar, Soar higher with SkySQL, the ultimate MariaDB cloud database, and learn why we built SkySQL, how we did it, what you can do with it today and where it’s going tomorrow. We’ll provide you with an overview of the groundbreaking cloud architecture behind SkySQL, and explain how its capabilities compare with those of first generation database services (e.g., Amazon RDS and Azure Database).

Grab the datasheets

Download these datasheets to learn more about SkySQL, its architecture, why it’s better for mission-critical deployments and key concepts such as its multi-cloud and high availability with Kubernetes.

Read the latest blogs

Browse the documentation

Dive into the SkySQL documentation to get a better understanding of how SkySQL cloud databases are deployed, and how to manage them. Here are a few suggested topics to help you get started right away.

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What operations are automated for me?
SkySQL deploys instances of MariaDB Enterprise Server and MariaDB MaxScale, configures replication, automatic failover, query routing/load balancing, and if analytics is required, MariaDB ColumnStore and object storage. In addition, SkySQL performs automated nightly backups.


What clouds can I deploy to?
SkySQL currently supports Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS), with Microsoft Azure support coming soon.

What regions can I deploy to?
SkySQL is currently available in the US (South Carolina, Oregon, Iowa), the UK (London), Belgium and Singapore.

What versions of MariaDB can I deploy?
SkySQL currently supports MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.4.

How many databases can I deploy?
You can deploy up to three databases by default. A replicated deployment with a primary and multiple replicas is considered a single database. The databases can be transactional, analytical or both. The number of databases allowed can be increased upon request.

How do I import data?
You can import data using logical backups or CSV files with the mariadb-import tool. You can find the documentation here.

Scalability and performance

How do I add replicas or increase the storage size of a database?
SkySQL combines self-service and full-service operations. To add replicas or increase storage, simply submit a ticket via the customer service portal, and a SkyDBA will handle it for you.

What type of storage does SkySQL use for my database?
SkySQL provisions regional persistent SSDs for all databases. For analytical or hybrid databases (i.e., transactions + analytics), SkySQL provisions cloud object storage as well – with standard tables stored on persistent SSDs and columnar tables stored on object storage.

Disaster recovery

When are automated backups taken?
SkySQL performs automated backups every night.

How do I restore from a backup?
SkySQL combines self-service and full-service operations. To restore from a backup, simply submit a ticket via the customer service portal, and a SkyDBA will handle it for you.


Can I use SkySQL for free?
You get a $500 credit when you sign up for SkySQL. You can use it to deploy any type and size of database you like.

How am I charged and billed?
SkySQL is pay-as-you-go. You will be charged by the hour for database instances (i.e., including replicas), and by the GB for storage and data transfer. You will be billed on the first of every month for the previous month’s usage. You can find more details on the pricing page.

How am I charged for primary/replica deployments?
SkySQL charges by the hour for database instances, and in primary/replica deployments, both primaries and replicas are database instances. For example, a primary with two replicas is three database instances, so the charge would be the instance price times three. You can find more details on the pricing page.

Do the prices listed include taxes?
The database instance pricing does not include taxes or storage/replication (i.e., data transfer) costs.


Where can I read about MariaDB’s security and privacy practices?
Visit the Trust Center to learn about our state-of-the-art security, GDPR compliance and HIPAA practices.