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Be unique in the cloud

SkySQL Power turns the traditional database-as-a-service (DBaaS) model upside down, adapting to meet individual customer needs rather than forcing them to accept undesirable constraints, limitations and trade-offs. The power of MariaDB Platform comes from its ability to meet specific requirements through configuration and composition, but whereas third-party DBaaS offerings are limited to the lowest common denominator, SkySQL Power is not.

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Custom instance types

While compute and memory can be allocated based on database workloads and performance requirements when deploying on premises, traditional DBaaS offerings require customers to pick from a set of predefined instance types. SkySQL Power allows customers to complement or replace standard “T-shirt sizes” with custom instance types whose compute and memory are tailored to their exact specifications, resulting in lower costs and higher efficiency.

Lower operating costs

In a traditional DBaaS, lots of memory requires lots of compute, and often the most expensive instance types. With SkySQL Power, custom instance types can be defined with any amount of compute and memory, including those with much more memory than compute (or vice versa).

Maximum resource utilization

With custom instances, specific amounts of memory and compute can be allocated to individual databases based on expected query concurrency and working set size, eliminating the need for excess memory and/or compute and the unnecessary costs associated with over-provisioning.

Advanced made easy

MariaDB Platform supports advanced deployments with a combination of workload-optimized storage engines, composable topologies and low-level configuration/optimization, often to meet enterprise requirements for HA/DR, security and performance/scalability. While traditional DBaaS offerings are limited to the most basic deployments, SkySQL not only supports advanced deployments, it makes them easy with custom, reusable templates.

High Availability
High Availability

Request a custom high availability solution to avoid downtime using, for example, replication servers to synchronize separate multi-master clusters in two different regions.

Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery

Request a custom disaster recovery solution for full data protection and recovery using, for example, replicas and tiered delays to prevent data loss/corruption from reaching backups.

Enterprise Security
Enterprise Security

Request to use a private directory such as Azure AD for authentication, or to manage encryption keys externally with a separate platform such as HashiCorp Vault.

Personalized experience

With SkySQL Power, every aspect of the customer experience can be fully customized to meet both business and technical requirements – everything from the look and feel (e.g., logos and colors) to the available deployment templates and options. It’s a DBaaS personalized for deploying the cloud databases you want to, the way you want to.


Request a custom portal theme based on provided logos and color palettes to reflect corporate branding and guidelines.


Request custom templates to deploy databases using specific topologies and configurations, and with the names of your choice.


Request changes to deployment options to remove the use of specific templates or instance types, or to replace them with custom ones.

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Get a SkySQL Power fitting

If you’re looking for a perfect fit in the cloud, let us know and one of our SkySQL tailors will reach out to get your exact specifications.

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