SkySQL Pricing

Cloud Database Pricing

Pay as you go

SkySQL follows a usage-based pricing model – customers are charged for what they use, and nothing more. Specifically, customers are charged hourly for compute (database instances) and by the gigabyte (GB) for storage and networking (data persistence and replication). SkySQL customers are billed on a monthly basis, and can cancel at any time. Note, the prices shown below do not include taxes. For 1- or 3-year commit pricing, please contact us.

Standalone databases

SkySQL standalone databases, intended for development and testing or tier 3/4 applications, are comprised of a single instance of MariaDB Enterprise Server. SkySQL standalone databases can be used for transactions, analytics or both.

Instance nameInstance typevCPUMemoryPrice per hour
Sky-4x15General purpose415GB$0.450
Sky-4x26High memory426GB$0.630
Sky-8x30General purpose830GB$0.900
Sky-8x52High memory852GB$1.270
Sky-16x60General purpose1660GB$1.810
Sky-16x104High memory16104GB$2.530
Sky-32x120General purpose32120GB$3.610
Sky-32x208High memory32208GB$5.070
Sky-64x240General purpose64240GB$7.202
Sky-64x416High memory64416GB$10.14

Replicated databases

SkySQL replicated databases, intended for staging and production, are comprised of three or more MariaDB Enterprise Server instances (a primary with two or more replicas), and an instance of MariaDB MaxScale for high availability and scalability. SkySQL charges for primary and replica database instances, but not for the MariaDB MaxScale instance. SkySQL replicated databases can only be used for transactions.

Instance nameInstance typevCPUMemoryPrice per hour
Sky-4x15General purpose415GB$0.55/instance
Sky-4x26High memory426GB$0.77/instance
Sky-8x30General purpose830GB$1.09/instance
Sky-8x52High memory852GB$1.53/instance
Sky-16x60General purpose1660GB$2.18/instance
Sky-16x104High memory16104GB$3.06/instance
Sky-32x120General purpose32120GB$4.36/instance
Sky-32x208High memory32208GB$6.12/instance
Sky-64x240General purpose64240GB$8.73/instance
Sky-64x416High memory64416GB$12.25/instance


Storage and networking

SkySQL uses regional persistent disks (SSDs) and low-cost object storage to store data depending on whether databases are created for transactions, analytics or both. In addition, if replicated databases are created, their replicas are deployed to separate zones for high availability, and thus subject to egress fees. The storage and networking costs of databases are based on usage, and are passed through directly to customers.

 Used forPrice per month
Persistent storageData storage for transactions
Caching for analytics
Object storageData storage for analytics$0.026/GB
Egress between zonesReplication for transactions$0.010/GB


SkySQL database instance pricing includes standard support (full technical support during business hours). In addition, enterprise and platinum support options are available for mission-critical deployments requiring 24×7 support and higher SLAs. The enterprise and platinum support options are priced as a percentage of SkySQL usage. SkyDBA is only available to customers with enterprise or platinum support.

Named technical support contacts310Unlimited
MariaDB-certified database support engineersYesYesYes
MariaDB engineering supportYesYesYes
Response time24 hoursS1, 30 minutes
S2, 2 hours
S3, 4 hours
S4, 8 hours
S1, 30 minutes
S2, 2 hours
S3, 4 hours
S4, 8 hours
Active monitoringYesYesYes
Consultative support-YesYes
Real-time chat-Requires SkyDBAYes
S1 telephone support (callback)--Yes
Assigned customer success manager--Yes
PriceIncludedContact UsContact Us


Get started

It’s easy to get started with SkySQL, and it doesn’t cost a thing. Sign up for SkySQL today and get a $500 credit toward up to three databases of any size and any type (transactional, analytical or both).

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