24/365 Japanese support for the MySQL and MariaDB databases now available

Ashisuto greatly expands support services for Enterprise users of MySQL & MariaDB open source database software

So, this is exciting news and something that my colleague Daniel Saito had been working on for years: enterprise-ready, 24/365 Japanese support for the MySQL and MariaDB databases!

Congratulations first of all to everyone involved in making this happen, especially the team at Ashisuto and Daniel.

Making this ‘round-the-clock support for MySQL (and MariaDB) available was not an obvious task to take on or to achieve. In fact, it’s something that we (by that I mean ex-MySQL AB folk) had been trying to implement locally in Japan for many years. Daniel had even made it one of his main goals to one day be able to say: “we’re offering enterprise users 24/365 support for their MySQL database deployments – in Japanese”.

Previously, Japanese support was only available during 9-5pm business hours, which is of course not the ideal scenario for organisations that need to run 24/7 mission-critical applications.

Last year however, SkySQL entered the Japanese market (in November 2011) offering business hours 9-5 support via a new partner of ours, Ashisuto. What a great organisation to be partnering with!

Ashisuto has been publishing and distributing software packages in Japan to business corporations and other large organizations since 1972. Essentially, Ashisuto pioneered the business of distributing software packages in Japan.

We gave Ashisuto exclusive partnership with SkySQL on the basis that they offer 24 hours support in Japanese, so that Japanese enterprise-users of the MySQL & MariaDB databases could benefit from the same support levels that other language users enjoy.

And, in early November 2012, our partner Ashisuto started to offer Enterprise ready 24/365 Japanese support for the MySQL and MariaDB databases. It’s a bit of a dream come true!

Daniel had actually joined SkySQL in order to make this dream a reality and together with Ashisuto as a partner, they managed to achieve this milestone with the conviction that the MySQL community is better off for it.

Again, congratulations to all involved!

Here is a translation of Ashisuto’s press release that was communicated early November.

In the news: NikkeiBP ITPro


News Release – November 5 2012 – K.K. Ashisuto

Ashisuto to greatly expand support services for Enterprise users of MySQL & MariaDB open source database software.

Users gain more flexibility and can choose from a menu of various support services, including a newly added 24-hours-per-day, 365-days-per-year support service.

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-based K.K. Ashisuto, whose president is Tatsuo Otsuka, announced that from today it will offer Enterprise support services for users of MySQL/MariaDB databases that include support on a 24-hours-per-day, 365-days-per-year basis.

Ashisuto entered an exclusive business partnership with SkySQL Ab of Finland to provide MySQL/MariaDB related services in Japan.

Since 2011 Ashisuto has provided three types of support agreements for its customers, depending on their needs: a Server Agreement, a Site 25 Agreement and a Corporate Agreement.  The agreements offered Entry service and Standard service, and were available from 9 am to 5 pm during the business day.  With today’s announcement, Ashisuto will begin offering Enterprise support in Japanese language on a 24- hours-per-day, 365-days-per-year basis. Users of MySQL & MariaDB database software in Japan will now have the opportunity to choose the support in the Japanese language that is most suitable for their system size and usage.

Today’s announcement gives indication of Ashisuto’s aim to become a “Database Professional Company” that is able to satisfy the database needs of any of its customers without depending on any particular database software supplier. Ashisuto will continue to expand the services it offers in support of this objective.

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The MySQL & MariaDB databases are two of the most popular open source relational Database management systems (RDBMS) in the world.  Ashisuto offers its customers more options to choose from and more secure usage by providing MySQL database support through GPL License.

Link to full story (in Japanese):http://itpro.nikkeibp.co.jp/article/NEWS/20121105/434994/

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