All things are bigger in Texas, even DrupalCon

A small team from MariaDB and SkySQL joined up in the Lone Star State for the 2014 Durpal Con in Austin this week. Why MariaDB and MySQL at Drupal Con? Because almost every person that we met was using MySQL as their back-end, and each of them can benefit from a potential performance increase simply by moving to MariaDB – more on that to follow

I have not been to Austin for a number of years and so much has changed. This is one of my new favourite cities for sure. From being able to get around quickly on city-provided rental bikes, to amazing places to eat and friendly people. And we took advantage of all of these.

Last year was our first year to attend Drupal Con. We were not sure what to expect as it was not the typical type of event that we attend (we tend to go to DB focused events), and we were very happy with what we found. This was a very strong community, who had a great ecosystem around it and who embraced change that made positive impacts on their solutions. And MariaDB fit that bill. In Portland we spent quite a bit of time introducing people to MariaDB, this year so many people that we talked with knew about MariaDB (and many using it) that we were a bit taken back. In fact we had many people come to talk to us and say it was due to the great things that they had heard in “Talk X” or “Talk Y”. It tuns out that some of the speakers are also MariaDB users and wanted to share their experience. It felt like we had arrived!

The potential for performance increases was something that everyone was keen to learn about. At a high level these come from two key items:

  • Ability to execute sub-queries: It turns out that many Druapl Modules are written with great intent, but no regard to backend (DB) impact. So you end up with modules that are needed, but do things like call sub-queries. Now most people in the MySQL space know that this is a no-no as MySQL will either take FOREVER to return a result or just never return anything. That is where our team’s work in the optimizer comes in to play in a big way. We handle sub-queries and do it well.
  • Thread Pooling: As many Drupal sites end up creating many similar short lived queries not having thread pooling (unless you go with MySQL Enterprise) can cost you big time in performance. With thread pooling being a default feature of MariaDB there can be an immediate performance gain.

Overall I was very impressed with with Drupal Con again this year, and we are looking forward to attending next year’s even that will be held in Los Angles.

The luck winner of our JamBox Mini Give-a-Way!
Over the next few months we have a pretty busy show/event schedule so I suggest that you have a look and see if we will be heading to any of the events that you may be attending, or of we will be at one that is close that you should attend.