All Your Base belong to … Oxford! MySQL & MariaDB keynote by Monty this Friday

SkySQL’s live in the UK – come and check us out at Oxford University – devfest

There will be a nice contrast in the air as the ancient institution of Oxford University plays home to the latest trends in open source software at the All Your Base conference, taking place at the Said Business School on the 23rd November. And we are prepared to show off our new Cloud and Enterprise products, allowing developers to get hands-on with the solutions.

In June, we launched our operations in the UK and Irelandwhere we have already seen success so far with players in the broadcast and financial services industry supported by our talented engineers. The constant need for information has put inhouse Database administrators under further pressure as they need to keep applications performing despite more users on more platforms. As a result, more time may be spent keeping the databases available than working on other business critical work.

Databases play an even bigger part of core business applications today. The explosion of cloud applications needs fast response times and ubiquitous support. The open and closed source database community keeps expanding and we know, with 15 million users in the MySQL ecosystem, the market for support and solutions is ever increasing.

At All Your Base, Monty Widenius dubbed as the “Godfather of MySQL” and a close friend of ours will be delivering a speech based on his experience of MySQL and MariaDB.

Very much a pioneer of the open source movement, Monty was there at the start of MySQL and watched it evolve over time to where it is today. He’ll be talking about MySQL’s little sister, MariaDB, in his keynote talk, make sure to catch that! Other talented speakers will be onsite from Twitter and Heroku to name just a few, all with a view to address developer-focussed topics.

If you are going to All Your Base, come over and have a chat with us! Just look for the smiling seals!