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November 19, 2014

IBM Power Turbo LAMP App-a-Thon Announced

Do you have a PHP application that could benefit from higher performance? Running your application on Turbo Linux with MariaDB will help get you that performance increase. IBM is not just making it free and easy to validate your application on IBM hardware, but is also giving away some great prizes as well.

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October 15, 2014

Share your MariaDB Story for a chance to win a Moto360

We know that there are millions of MariaDB users out there, and we love to hear stories of how MariaDB is working for them. So to encourage more people to share their story we will be running (what I think to be) a pretty cool contest this month. The only part of this contest that I don't like is that I am not allowed to enter. Well, I guess that I can enter I just am not able to win. And we wanted to keep it simple: You share your MariaDB story via our simple entry form, and get entered to win a Moto360 Smart Watch.

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July 28, 2014

OSCON 2014: Wrap Up

Another OSCON has been wrapped up. While these year was slightly smaller than last year it was still an amazing event. The interesting part was that MySQL and MariaDB seemed to be bigger topics than in years gone by.

Now that I have been back in the office for a few days, I am getting caught up on my overloaded inbox, and have had some time to reflect on the event.

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June 06, 2014

All things are bigger in Texas, even DrupalCon

A small team from MariaDB and SkySQL joined up in the Lone Star State for the 2014 Durpal Con in Austin this week. Why MariaDB and MySQL at Drupal Con? Because almost every person that we met was using MySQL as their back-end, and each of them can benefit from a potential performance increase simply by moving to MariaDB - more on that to follow

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