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Johan Wikman

Lead Developer, MariaDB

Johan Wikman is a senior developer working on MaxScale at MariaDB Corporation.

MariaDB MaxScale: Masking and Firewall

To properly prevent some columns from being accessed, the masking filter that was introduced in MariaDB MaxScale 2.1 must be used together with the database firewall filter. In version 2.1,…

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Performance Improvements in MariaDB MaxScale 2.1 GA

Performance is important and perhaps doubly so for a database proxy such as MariaDB MaxScale. From the start, the goal of MaxScale’s architecture has been that the performance should scale with the…

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Improving the Performance of MariaDB MaxScale

Performance has been a central goal of MariaDB MaxScale’s architecture from the start. Core elements in the drive for performance is the use of asynchronous I/O and Linux’ epoll. With…

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Query Classification and Pluggable Parser

From the very beginning, a central feature of MariaDB MaxScale has been its ability to understand the SQL statements that flow through it. For that purpose, MaxScale is equipped with…

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MariaDB MaxScale 1.4.3 GA is available for download

We are pleased to announce that MariaDB MaxScale 1.4.3 GA is now available for download! If MariaDB MaxScale is new to you, we recommend reading this page first. 1.4.3 is…

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