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Geek out on the technical workings of MariaDB

MyRocks Storage Engine in MariaDB is Now Release Candidate

The MyRocks storage engine was introduced in MariaDB Server 10.2 as an alpha plugin – the maturity of plugins is … Continued

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Convert Galera Node to Async Slave And Vice-versa With Galera Cluster

Recently, I was working with one of our customers and this was their requirement as they wanted to automate this … Continued

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Instant ADD COLUMN for InnoDB

MariaDB Server 10.3.2 alpha was released this week. For InnoDB, the new features coming in MariaDB Server 10.3 include CREATE … Continued

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Why Marko Mäkelä, Lead Developer InnoDB, Recently Joined MariaDB Corporation

I recently joined MariaDB Corporation. You might not recognize my name, but you may have used some InnoDB features that … Continued

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Facebook MyRocks at MariaDB

Recently my colleague Rasmus Johansson announced that MariaDB is adding support for the Facebook MyRocks storage engine. Today I’m going … Continued

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