Come Hear about MySQL Cluster Internals at the DOAG Conference

If you’re in Nuremberg Germany next week (November 15-17th) and have anything to do with Oracle or their products, then the DOAG (German Oracle User Group) conference is the place to be. I will be representing SkySQL Ab at the conference, giving a talk about the internal architecture of MySQL Cluster. The talk will look at the internals of MySQL Cluster and at the different processes that ensure the High Availability of MySQL Cluster. Beyond that, the talk will also look at how the data is stored on the data nodes, how different types of queries are resolved in the cluster, and how a primary key lookup is executed differs significantly from a tree index search. The talk will also look at the resources involved in resolving the queries.

So if any of the above sounds interesting come and listen to my talk in room Singapur at 13:00 on Tuesday!