Congratulations on the GA release of MySQL 5.6!

Tuesday, February 5th was an important day in the MySQL ecosystem due to the release by Oracle of the long-awaited MySQL 5.6 GA. Many MySQL users have been looking forward to this release in order to benefit from the improved performance and scalability. Features such as online operations/schema changes, NoSQL access from memcached to InnoDB, multi threaded-replication and Global Transaction ID significantly improve the competitiveness of MySQL.

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to sincerely congratulate the Oracle MySQL team on the new MySQL 5.6 release! Such a big release always requires a massive effort on the part of the team to develop, test, document and launch. They have reason to celebrate this milestone. With this step, Oracle demonstrates its continued investment in innovating and enhancing MySQL.

SkySQL has been committed to providing customers with support for all major versions of the MySQL database, new and old. With Oracle’s announcement of MySQL 5.6, we at SkySQL reconfirm our capability and intention to support also this latest major release.

Customers deploying MySQL 5.6 in production environments will be particularly keen to see timely availability of security patches and critical bug fixes. This is particularly important right after the launch of such a major new release.

SkySQL is actively testing MySQL 5.6 and together with our partner Monty Program, we will maintain an updated and publicly available version with security fixes, bug fixes and related test cases found by our teams, customers and the community.

For more information on the security policy, please see:

SkySQL looks forward to working with our customers, partners and the community to further enhance adoption as well as the secure and reliable usage of MySQL databases.