Customer & Partner Success Mark SkySQL’s First Year in Operations

SkySQL today announced rapid growth and success in its first year of operations, fueled by new customers, partnerships and corporate growth. Highlights of the company’s first year include:

  • Signing more than 160 customers in its first 12 months of operation
  • Attracting the attention of leading technology and distribution partners
  • Receiving 900,000 Euros from Tekes to fund R &

“The first year can often make or break a young company,” said Ralf Wahlsten, chairman and investor in SkySQL. “Establishing a name for a startup is often a giant hurdle, especially in this economic climate. But it is one that SkySQL has surpassed, as evidenced by the number of customers, partners, and talented employees that have been attracted to the company. SkySQL’s rapid growth validates the value and quality of expertise that can only be delivered by a company with an innate understanding of what customers want from their MySQL solutions provider.”

To learn more, read today’s press release.