Customisable Graphs for MySQL Database Administration in AWS & Dev Release for On-premise Administration Console

2nd release of SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite provides users with customisation capabilities for free cloud database deployments


SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite is a collection of software components that provides a highly available database solution in a cloud environment based on MariaDB and 100% compatible with the MySQL database. It includes the following features:

  • An automatic configurator
  • An administrative console with …
    • A graphical backup and recovery manager
    • The ability to deploy each instance securely within the user’s environment
    • Feature-rich, web-based query tools
    • An advanced monitoring tool
  • A full set of HA solutions (synchronous and asynchronous)

December update release of the SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite

With this update release, we’re introducing:

  • Rel. 1.1 with bug fixing
  • New administration console with:
    • rpm package and installation on Linux OS
    • Administration and monitoring of replicated and standalone servers
    • Customisable graphs
    • Customisable commands
      • Customise and add new control options

Why the SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite (SCDS)?

  • Use and fully control a ready-made, highly available solution in AWS
  • Study/review security and availability aspects in AWS
    • SCDS provides High Availability solutions with automated failover
  • Use some of the SCDS components in your environment

For more information on the SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite


The SkySQL™ Administration Console

What is it?
Effectively a standalone administration console (with a monitoring server) that can be used with existing MySQL and/or MariaDB installations.

Who is it for?
Existing MySQL users that want to connect the admin console to MySQL servers they have already installed

How can it be accessed?
Via a simple download package with an installer script and a number of setup tracks. Users download a package, install it and then run a configuration utility to add each server to the console.

Does it cost anything?
This on-premise administration console is free-to-use technology, which we are making available to MySQL database & MariaDB users.

→ Download it here:

SkySQL™ Administration Console – Release Features

This release is intended as an initial release of our Administration Console for enterprise users, i.e. for on-premise usage. As such, it initially offers limited monitoring and administration facilities.

Monitoring features

The administration console allows the state of a set of servers to be displayed via a web interface. A set of historical graphs will be available, the predefined graphs will show number of connections, availability and data throughput. The user will be able to create customised monitors that may be plotted and displayed via the admin console.

Control features

The administration console provides a panel for control features, which come preconfigured with operations for start, stop, restart, promote, isolate, backup and restore. The user must provide commands that support these features in his/her environment. Examples will be provided that will need to be customised. The user will be able to add new control functions to the interface.

External Tools

The Administration console provides links to run phpMyAdmin and MONyog.

Monitoring Server

A Java monitoring server is used to gather the data that is displayed by the administration console – this must be run in order for all the features of the administration console to function correctly.


There is noprovisioning support for users in this release. The software must be installed and configured manually, using scripts provided as part of the packages. This is planned for upcoming releases as part of our product roadmap.

High Availability

There are no High Availability features shipped as part of the product with this release, the user is responsible for configuring the monitored and monitoring systems to be highly available. This is planned for upcoming releases as part of our product roadmap.

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