Easing the lives of MySQL database administrators with Continuent

We’re excited to announce that customers & users of Continuent will now receive our expert MySQL™ database solutions, services and support when they use Continuent’s Tungsten Enterprise, a complete clustering and data management solution for the MySQL database. The same applies to customers using Tungsten Replicator, an advanced data replication solution.

Overall, the big news is that our companies will now jointly offer Tungsten Enterprise and Tungsten Replicator-based solutions to help MySQL users in accelerating the deployment and management of clustered MySQL databases, as well as the deployment of complex data replication solutions. We will also together offer MySQL users the SkySQL Enterprise subscription, a comprehensive offering of server software, production support and monitoring tools for any version of the MySQL database.

SkySQL continues to be focused on bringing the MySQL database into the future while providing expert support and services to those using the database today, and this is another strong step in that direction.

For more information on our combined solution, visit our site or Continuent’s.