Is Onsite Training Right for You?

Our customised training courses for the MySQL & MariaDB databases help your team learn exactly what they need to know

Since SkySQL’s inception, training has been an integral part of the services we provide. Training isn’t just something we offer, but an intrinsic aspect of our business model as we evolve into an all-inclusive service and product provider. And customized onsite training is the best way your team learns what your specific team needs to know.

We initiated our education program by creating an extensive MariaDB and MySQLtraining curriculum. This was a fairly easy task, as our team includes many of the original MySQL AB training program creators. Based on learnings from our time at MySQL AB, we took a slightly different approach when creating the SkySQL training curriculum. We focus on a modular outline where independent units from different courses can easily fit together to personalize training for a specific customer. This has proven to be a winning concept as we see requests for onsite training rise and are able to create custom classes to fit individual needs.

So how does an onsitetraining classdiffer from a public class? Our public training classes follow a predefined curriculum where you simply choose a class from thescheduled list of dates and venues. For an onsite class, we usually customise training to the customer’s needs, including dates and venue. We first discuss your needs and challenges and then tailor your curriculum by selecting specific and needed existing modules from our existing class outline. That way you learn about exactly what you want and need. We also pay close attention to understanding and communication necessary prerequisites for each module to ensure the final class doesn’t end with gaps in knowledge. This is perfect for the customer who already knows what they want or what they want to learn. For example, a typical mixture of modules would include a combination of ourAdministrators coursewith ourPerformance Tuningcourse if the DBAs are already experienced MySQL users. Another typical example is to combine the Administrators course with some modules in ourHigh Availabilitycourse when the customer has already chosen HA technology. All in all, it’s a very flexible choice!

good candidate for an onsite classes? While onsite classes are great for many situations, there are a few cases where a public class is a better fit. For example, if only 1-2 people are planning to attend a training class, a public class is most likely going to be more cost effective than an onsite class. One of the great benefits of a public class is to meet other attendees from other companies who can share their knowledge and experience. You won’t get from an onsite class. And sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know until you go through the entire training session, so following a complete curriculum might be a better option.

Onsite training is just one way we provide personalized service to our customers who can benefit from it. Our public training courses are also a great way to learn about the latest in greatest in the MariaDB and MySQL databases. Find out which one is best for your team byshooting me a notewith your questions.
Max_whiteBG.jpgMax is the creator of the original MySQL training program at MySQL AB. He is a co-founder of SkySQL and now manages the training department with the aim to help advance the MySQL ecosystem around the world.

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