It is event season for SkySQL and MariaDB: Where will we see you next?

The conference season has begun for us here at SkySQL. It seems like the almost all linux and MySQL shows are in the next four months. This is the time of year that we get to collect those airline points, have our beds made for us, eat out a few times a day and put on a few pounds! I have been practicing for this all year. Check out our Events Section to see all of our upcoming events.

We love going to these shows and events as it gives us an opportunity to meet with new MySQL and MariaDB users, as well as to reconnect with those that we see only a few times per year. Our team has some exceptional knowledge when it comes to MySQL/MariaDB and all the bits around it (best practices around high availability, making big data work, scaling made easy/easier and performance tuning…) and we have talks/sessions at most of the events that we attend where we can share this knowledge.

So where will we be in the next few months?

  • Percona Live -April 1-4th ( full recap here) This was another great year for this event. Our team had a good number of talks, and we had a chance to meet many new MySQL/MariaDB users.
  • Red Hat Summit – April 14-17th. This was our first time at the Red Hat Summit and we very happy that we attended this year. With MariaDB now set to be the DEFAULT ‘MySQL’ in RHEL7 there was lots of excitement around our booth. Our team had a chance to meet with some great MariaDB users as well as to speak with some very solid potential partners. We are very much looking forward to this event next year.
  • LinuxFest Northwest – April 26-27th. The biggest little show in the west! SkySQL has been a sponsor at this event for a few years now, and we look forward to being there each year. This year we have two talks -one by Monty, and one by Gerry. Both talks are looking really good. Make sure you stop by and say hello if you are going to be there this year. Oh, and Bellingham is also big on the west coast micro brew scene.
  • DrupalCon – June 2-6th, Austin Texas. We jump at any chance to get to Texas. Then you put a world class event like DrupalCon there and we won’t miss it. When Drupal users hear of all of the amazing performance increases that can be had by simply switching to MariaDB faces light up, and making people happy is what we like to do!
  • OSCON – July 20-24th. One of the largest shows that we attend each year. OSCON has it all. With talks that cover just about every. Be one of the first 500 people to register, using the code “CONVERSE”, and you will get a $50 gift card from Converse. That seems like a pretty sweet deal – attend an amazing show and get some new kicks! This year we will have the caricature artist from back to do caricatures in our booth. Check out his work from Percona Live

These are just the events that we are attending in North America. Our team in Europe has a loaded schedule as well. You can see all of the events that we will be attending here. If there is an event that you think we should be at please let us know. You can either send us an email to, fill out our Contact Form or leave a comment below.