Latest Addition to MySQL & Cloud Database Solutions Day: Calpont CTO Jim Tommaney joins as guest speaker

Join us next Friday in Santa Clara for a free day of learning and fun from the SkySQL & MariaDB gang & their partners

We’re proud to announce that Jim Tommaney, CTO of Calpont, has just signed on to speak at the MySQL & Cloud Database Solutions Day, hosted by SkySQL and MariaDB – taking place next Friday, April 26, directly after Percona Live: MySQL Conference & Expo.

Join Jim for his talk to learn about the power of columnar databases for Business Intelligence and Analytics. He will place a special emphasis on understanding the best-use cases and how to integrate a solution like InfiniDB into an overall solutions architecture.

Jim is one of many MySQL and cloud computing gurus sharing their expertise next week. At the end of this post are summaries of other great talks planned for the day from industry thought leaders.

So, register today, join us, and conclude the day and week with a hosted Biergarten, thanks to our friends at Continuent. After a long day of learning, sit back, and visit with speakers, other attendees and organizers, over a tasty beverage. On us and Continuent!

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This year’s event will take place once again at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, so stay one more night and join us for a day of insight and fun before the weekend!

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State of the MySQL Ecosystem

Since its acquisition by Sun, and Sun’s acquisition by Oracle, MySQL has had a challenging few years. During this keynote, Monty Widenius, Founder of MariaDB, and Patrik Sallner, CEO of SkySQL, will discuss the state of the MySQL ecosystem, including what has changed so far and what the future holds. As well, they’ll discuss the role of companies such as SkySQL, MariaDB, and others in shaping the future development of the MySQL database and related technologies.

SPEAKERS: Monty Widenius, Founder, MariaDB; Patrik Sallner, CEO, SkySQL

MariaDB Panel           

The first alpha release of MariaDB 10.0 has been released. This release is built on the MariaDB 5.5 series and includes backported features from MySQL 5.6, as well as an entirely new set of features not found anywhere else. In this panel discussion, members of the MariaDB team will discuss the new features in this release, as well as those planned for the final 10.0 release.

SPEAKERS: Ivan Zoratti, SkySQL CTO; Rasmus Johansson, COO, MariaDB; Colin Charles, Chief Evangelist, MariaDB; Sergei Gobubchik, MariaDB Architect, MariaDB

 MHA & MySQL 5.6: HA at Its Best           

The Master High Availability tool (MHA) provides automatic re-synchronisation and failover for standard MySQL Replication, or manual switchover to a slave server, but with all the servers re-synchronised. MHA is based on the standard replication feature provided by MySQL, and semi-synchronous replication can also be used. With version 5.6 of MySQL Server, new features have been added related to MySQL Replication, Delayed Replication and Replication based on Global Transaction Identifiers (GTIDs). For GTIDs, two new utilities have been announced — mysqlfailover to monitor the replication and to enable failover to a slave, and mysqlrpladmin to initiate a switchover. In this talk, we will compare failover with MHA with the new options provided by MySQL 5.6. We will also discuss the advantages of combining MHA and MySQL 5.6.

SPEAKER: Yoshinori Matsunobu, Creator of MHA and Database Engineer, Facebook

SkySQL Data Suite – All Open Source, All Enterprise       

In September of 2012, SkySQL announced the first version of the SkySQL Data Suite, an open source solution that combines automatic provisioning and deployment of a cluster of MySQL databases in the cloud. Today, the SkySQL Data Suite has been enhanced in its compatibility, availability and interoperability. Based on a number of high availability options, the new version of the SkySQL Data Suite can be seamlessly deployed in public and private clouds, and in Linux systems on bare metal. It can be monitored and administered with an extendable tool that combines the flexibility of a RESTful API with the simplicity of a web-based interface. During this presentation by Massimo Brignoli, Product Manager at SkySQL, these topics and much more will be discussed.

SPEAKER: Massimo Brignoli, Product Manager, SkySQL

MariaDB Galera Cluster           

MariaDB is known as the MySQL alternative that provides the most stability, and highest performance possible. Galera Cluster provides a simple and transparent solution to help achieve your high availability goals, and simplify your architecture. Now these two leading technologies have been brought together, allowing applications to harness the unmatched performance or MariaDB along with the seamless high availability of Galera Cluster in one complete product. Introducing MariaDB Galera Cluster! Join Colin Charles from MariaDB, Henrik Ingo from Codership, and Max Mether from SkySQL to learn more about MariaDB and MariaDB Galera Cluster.

SPEAKERS: Colin Charles , Chief Evangelist, MariaDB; Max Mether, Manager, Training Services, SkySQL Henrik Ingo, Codership Evangelist and Senior Performance Architect, Nokia

Manipulating JSON and REST API with MariaDB/MySQL       

Comma Separated Values (CSV) have long been the portable format of choice for moving data between different systems, types of databases or between applications. However, CSV has many disadvantages: there are multiple variations on the format, there is no formal standard, and it doesn’t work well with objects or documents. Today, with so many different systems types to work with, and a growing trend towards having many different types of systems working together, we need something more powerful than CSV. JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) brings many addresses many of the limits of CSV. This talk is for anyone wanting to understand the basics of JSON — what it looks like, what it is used for, how to work with JSON formatted data in MySQL, MariaDB and other applications.

SPEAKER: Anders Karlsson, Senior Sales Engineer, SkySQL

Delivering MySQL and MariaDB Performance at Scale with TokuDB

SPEAKER: Gerry Narvaja, Director of Technical Services – Tokutek

Scalable MySQL Operation in the Cloud with Continuent Tungsten       

MySQL is the ideal cloud DBMS: simple to install, fast, and well-understood. However, users need much more to build business-critical applications with MySQL in the cloud. In this talk we will show how Continuent Tungsten supplies automated failover, zero-downtime maintenance, load balancing, and advanced replication to help you make the most of environments like Amazon. We will also introduce an innovative programming model called Data Fabric Architecture that helps you deploy scalable data management both for cloud environments as well as on-premise operation.

SPEAKERS: Robert Hodges, CEO, and Edward Archibald, CTO – Continuent

Turning the Tables: Columnar Alternative

SPEAKER: Jim Tommaney, CTO – Calpont

Deploying MySQL in AWS and OpenStack           

How can you create a template for deploying a Highly Available database in the Amazon EC2 Cloud and OpenStack? How can you get redundancy and automated failover, all based on standard Open Source components? This session describes how to use Pacemaker and Corosync for control, and how to use Elastic IP address, Elastic Block Storage and EC2 Linux instances in Amazon. With the template, you’ll be able to automate the deployment of a database cluster. The template includes startup synchronisation, automated Pacemaker configuration, MariaDB Master promotion, Elastic IP migration and node maintenance. The goal of the template is also to produce a system that will allow repeatable and highly automated deployments of a database cluster within the Amazon EC2 Cloud environment. We will look at how to use the security features of Amazon’s IAM subsystem to allow automated control using the Pacemaker and Corosync Linux HA tools.

SPEAKER: Mark Riddoch, Senior Software Architect, SkySQL

Closing Keynote 1: Database Technology for the Cloud

SPEAKER: Kyle MacDonald, VP of Cloud, Canonical, on behalf of the OpenStack Foundation

Closing Keynote 2: Scaling with Open Source Solutions at Craigslist

SPEAKER: Jeremy Zawodny, Craigslist

Vision Map           

The relational model is 23 years old and it marks its longevity in every sector and application. But the explosion of mobile solutions in the recent years has increased the need for new technologies to store and retrieve a huge amount of different types of data, and to make it accessible everywhere, all the time. Databases now handle documents and rich media, together with numbers and text. SQL is no longer the only option and new interfaces are becoming increasingly popular. Not only does data travel everywhere around the world, but it is also replicated, aggregated, reorganised, and distributed. Everything points to the need for multiple technologies and more choices when new applications and solutions are created. Ivan Zoratti, SkySQL CTO, will drive you through new projects and technologies that see MariaDB and MySQL at the center of data integration and innovation in data management.

SPEAKER: Ivan Zoratti, CTO, SkySQL

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