Manage your MySQL & MariaDB databases – the simple way

New quick-start guide for MySQL DBAs: SkySQL Enterprise Monitor makes managing your MySQL & MariaDB databases that much easier

We’ve just published a new Quick Start Guide to SkySQL Enterprise Monitor for all MySQL & MariaDB DBAs out there, who are looking for ways to manage their databases more easily.

SkySQL Enterprise Monitor (SSEM) is an efficient and easy to use monitoring tool used by thousands of Database Administrators (DBAs) to analyze their MySQL® Databases every day.

In other words, you get to spend less time on routine-tasks and more time on improving your MySQL & MariaDB deployments.

Simply put, SkySQL Enterprise Monitor is a “MySQL® DBA in a box” that helps MySQL® DBAs:

  • Manage more MySQL servers
  • Tune their current MySQL servers
  • Resolve query bottlenecks
  • Fix problems with their MySQL database applications before they can become costly outages

Our new Quick Start Guide is aimed at providing users with information on SSEM – specifically its main features – and advice on how it can be used in real life situations.

  • Get information before your server runs out of resources
  • Identify the SQL statements that run slow
  • Monitor the MySQL Error log
  • Monitor queries in real-time and snipe long running queries
  • Get alerts for what you want and when you want

Download the Quick Start Guide to SkySQL Enterprise Monitor!

SkySQL Enterprise is powered by Webyog and you can watch a demo of this technology recorded live during the SkySQL & MariaDB: Solutions Day for the MySQL Database.

Talk to your SkySQL representative today to find out more!