MariaDB Enterprise Release 1.0: Open Source, API-driven, Ready for You!


As announced on October 10, 2014, we are no longer developing MariaDB Manager. Since MariaDB Manager is open source software, you are free to use your copy for as long as you wish, however it will no longer be supported by us from October 10, 2014. For our Enterprise customers, please contact us about upgrading to ClusterControl Enterprise Edition.

We’ve been busy at SkySQL these past few months! Now we’re proud to introduce MariaDB Enterprise Release 1.0 to our customers and to the MySQL ecosystem. This new product is a milestone for SkySQL’s product portfolio, delivering easy installation, configuration and management of sophisticated high availability solutions based on MariaDB and Galera Cluster to customers eager to leverage this technology, but put off by its inherent complexities.

MariaDB Enterprise has an API layer as its foundation. The GUI tool which you use to provision, monitor and manage your cluster does all of its work through calls to the RESTful API, including provisioning cluster nodes on bare metal Linux boxes or newly instantiated virtual machines or AMIs. By packaging up the product’s capabilities in this API, we’ve both made it easy to manage Galera Clusters through our GUI, and also provided a powerful tool to simplify the automation of high availability within popular automation and configuration management frameworks.


Need support and advice on deploying this new technology and incorporating advanced availability clustering into your database layer? MariaDB Enterprise packages the core software with comprehensive 24×7 support, upgrades and maintenance releases, and everything you need to confidently leverage Galera Cluster without the headaches! Contact your SkySQL sales team today for more details.

This first release is just the start. What gets me most excited about this product is the potential for future enhancements: with a solid framework and architecture, MariaDB Enterprise can be evolved and improved to handle a broad range of complex tasks. We’re keen to see how customers leverage the API in building out their automation solutions, and will be watching carefully to understand how to make this engine for database layer abstraction and management even better.

MariaDB Manager, the core software component of MariaDB Enterprise which includes the API, monitoring system, and web-based GUI is fully open-source under the GPL v2 license. Grab the source on GitHub, fork it and improve it to meet your needs. We’re looking forward to those pull requests contributing community-driven improvements and new capabilities back to the project, so that everyone benefits!

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