MariaDB, MySQL and Cloud Database resources now available

Get up-to-date on MariaDB, MySQL, Cloud Databases and SkySQL’s expertise: whitepapers and presentations now available on

The weekend is almost here and we thought we’d share an update with you on some of the resources that you can access on our website. Here is some good reading and viewing material that we have recently made available that we hope can be of use to you.

MariaDB white papers

Daniel Bartholomew at MariaDB has written a couple of white papers on different aspects of MariaDB. They are available here for your reading pleasure:

MariaDB vs MySQL – A comparison of MariaDB and MySQL, noting their similarities and differences by Daniel Bartholomew, MariaDB, September 2012.

What is MariaDB 5.5? – Describes several features of MariaDB 5.5 and how they improve upon the features in MySQL 5.5 and MySQL 5.6. by Daniel Bartholomew, MariaDB, October 2012.

MariaDB, MySQL and Cloud Database presentations

SkySQL has been busy talking across the globe at LinuxConNA in New Orleans, FOSDEM in Brussels, the MariaDB meetup in Boston and DOAG in Nürnberg. Don’t worry if you didn’t keep up, we have now made a batch of the presentations available for your viewing and downloading:

MariaDB – A MySQL replacement? by Max Mether, Training, at the MariaDB Boston Meetup in September 2012. Max goes through the history behind MariaDB and the features of MariaDB compared to MySQL.

MySQL High Availability Solutions by Max Mether, Training, at LinuxConNA in October 2012. Max described the basic concept of high availability and presents some of the different solutions available including MySQL replication, MHA, Tungsten replicator, Galera, DRBD and MySQL Cluster.

The New MySQL Ecosystem – by Max Mether, Training, at the Houston meetup in May 2012. Max briefly presents the options available in the MySQL ecosystem: MySQL storage engines, servers, tools and support providers.

Sky is the limit – Hints and Best Practices to Integrate and Run MySQL on Standard Servers and in the Cloud by Ivan Zoratti, CTO in December 2012. Ivan presents different views on the basics of the cloud, the challenges of taking the database to the cloud, features of the main options (Amazon RDS, Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Google SQL) as well as some hidden gems on running the database in the cloud.

Introduction to the SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite – by Ivan Zoratti, CTO in December 2012. Ivan explains the architecture behind SkySQL’s Cloud Data Suite and Enterprise Data Suite. Ivan goes through how to set up your cloud database on Amazon Web Services using the SkySQL configurator, administering your deployment with the administration console as well as setting up security, high availability and automated backups on AWS.

The MySQL Cluster Architecture – MySQLNoSQLCloud by Max Mether, Training, in Buenos Aires in June 2012. Also presented by Principal Sales Engineer Ralf Gebhardt at FOSDEM in February 2012 and DOAG in in November 2011. A step by step introduction to how the MySQL Cluster Architecture works including read and write transactions as well as where the MySQL Cluster solution fits, and does NOT fit.

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