MariaDB outfit SkySQL takes on former HP public cloud manager as product chief

Gigaom published today the news of the latest addition to the SkySQL Management Team. I’d like to share a couple of snippets from the news: “Roger Levy says SkySQL will move into a relational database innovation phase now, rather than just trying to provide an alternative to Oracle’s MySQL.” – that’s how Giagom’s article today summary’s the latest news from SkySQL. SkySQL has prepared well for the company’s next phase with a Intel-led $20M Series B round founding announced in October, as well as having praised database people gathered on the team. Relational databases are not passée, as Gigaom quotes Levy: “We’re making sure the relational database market continues to innovate and keep up with the evolving needs of the customer. The fact is that many people who are launching large webscale properties or others don’t really have the [database administrator] skills – we need to make it more automated and easier to use for them.” See Gigaom for the full article published on 5.2.2014.