MySQL cloud database deployments via online configurator – free AWS trial

SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite now comes with 4 nodes system on AWS


As with all new open source software products, updates are a continuous process and we’ve been busy since the launch of the SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suitelast September! Here is a snapshot of the latest developments with our Cloud Data Suite, a collection of software components that provides a highly available database solution in a cloud environment, based on MySQL & MariaDB, deployable in the Amazon Cloud, i.e. AWS.

Free AWS trial period when testing our SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite
Now it is possible to try the SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suitewithout having to create an Amazon (AWS) account. Using the online configuration tool ( you may now create a time limited demonst ration version of the SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite.

We have a number of demonstration systems that can be created for use free of charge. You may load your data and investigate the tools for 48 hours, at the end of that period we will destroy the system and your data.

4 nodes system released
Good news: we have lifted the restriction on systems having a maximum of two nodes configured. As a result, we now allow for 4 nodes configurations to be created. This allows for a greater degree of protection against failures of the virtual machines within the cloud. This also allows for the instances to be spread across multiple availability zones with the Amazon data centre.

Administration Console gains user accounts
Our Administration Console now supports the concept of multiple user accounts and of setting different password for accounts.

The system is always created with an admin account and a random password, and this release allows not only the password of the admin account to be changed but also other accounts for other users to be created. The security and permissions between accounts is currently limited, however this will be enhanced in future releases.

Updates to the Provisioning System
We have recently added some feedback into the user interface of the Cloud Data Suite to give more feedback about what the various choices mean (e.g. redundancy levels now tell you how many nodes will be created). → Check it out and let us know yourfeedback!

Video tour now available
Following some feedback that suggested the opening page of our configurator was confusing, a new page with a description of the purpose of the configuration tool as well as a video walkthrough of the process has been added. Check these latest additions out here:

Removing an installation from AWS
Early deployments of the Cloud Data Suite did not come with any procedure or instructions on how to remove the SkySQL Cloud Data Suite from your Amazon AWS account. The provisioning of the Cloud Data Suite creates many resources within your AWS account, finding and removing these in the correct order can be difficult. Your installation email, which provides you with the login details for your system, also has an attached PDF document which describes the removal process.

We’d love to have your feedback on our Cloud Data Suite, so please feel free to share your thoughts on our Forums: