MySQL Insights 2013

The MySQL Insights Survey 2013 was conducted during September 2013. Over 200 international respondents, who are followers of SkySQL and MariaDB Twitter and Facebook pages, took part. The aim was to provide insight into their experiences and opinions about the future of open source databases. We have five key findings below.

1. With the MySQL ecosystem predicted to be worth $664 million by 2015 according to research, choosing the right database is an important process – which some have likened to internet dating, there is an array of personal preferences to look for, a frightening number of candidates and a hasty decision might result in a difficult relationship.

The most attractive features of database technology were consistency of data, with high availability options and a strong database ecosystem also being significant aspects in selecting database software.

1: How important do you think the following are when selecting a database technology
Source: 2013 MySQL Insights Survey
2. Respondents who use MySQL currently were asked for their reasons for choosing it. A feature which appealed to 88% of respondents was MySQL’s open source roots, with over a third also citing no vendor lock-in as another reason for their choice. Also clearly important, ranking similarly, were reliability (49%), performance (48%) and value (47%).

2: Why did you choose MySQL?
Source: 2013 MySQL Insights Survey
3. The majority of respondents using MySQL have

Source: 2013 MySQL Insights Survey

4. So what happens when there is trouble in paradise? Two thirds of respondents only use internal resources to provide support to their databases. Being self-sufficient in support can be cheaper, and cater to the privacy requirements of the business.

While this approach certainly has its benefits, using external support means consultants will tackle debugging and maintain database performance, whilst the internal staff can double down on more business critical activities, such as developing new apps.

Ultimately, the precious commodity external support teams provide is experience; some consultants have decades full of MySQL experience and have valuable insight on database technology.

4: Do you have external support for your database?  5: Do you have external support for MySQL?
Source: 2013 MySQL Insights Survey
5. A staggering 94% of respondents picked MariaDB as their database of choice if they were to migrate away from MySQL.

Given users place great value on databases with true open source roots, with no chance of vendor lock-in, it is no wonder why MariaDB provides a seductive alternative for developers who split-up with their tiresome ex.

In this survey, MariaDB is 3x more popular than PostgreSQL as the alternative to MySQL. This result contrasts with analysts at who believe that PostgreSQL is the direct replacement for MySQL for users who are looking to swap

6: If you did change from MySQL, which database would you mgirate to?
Source: 2013 MySQL Insights Survey