MySQL & MariaDB Solutions: The SkySQL Team Is At OSCON 2012!

Meet The SkySQL Team At OSCON 2012!

“I remember my first OSCON in 2001 and the passionate debates we had on the impact the open source movement was going to make …”

This is a quote from a conversation that some SkySQLers were having this week in Paris, where we met to discuss the future – ours and that of the MariaDB & MySQL databases as well as open source technologies in general!

That’s the thing about SkySQLers: we like discussions and meeting people; a tradition inherited from the good ol’ MySQL AB times that we’re happy to carry on in today’s and tomorrow’s world of open source technologies.

And next week there will be no better place for having such discussions than atOSCON 2012!

As the OSCON team put it themselves: “For 14 years, OSCON has been the gathering place for the entire open source community. It’s where all the pieces of the open platform come together.”

The 2012 motto is ‘Expand Your Open Source Expertise at OSCON,’ and the SkySQL Team is ready to do just that: expand our own expertise by meeting and listening to others, as well as sharing our own expertise on MariaDB & MySQL databases (amongst other things) with all the open source enthusiasts and experts who will gather there.

Our North America Team will be onsite in the expo hall at booth 209 equipped not only with their knowledge and wit, but also with some cool goodies: make sure to drop by and check us out!

Here’s to a great OSCON show next week. See you there!