MySQL training for Developers finally here

It is finally ready! The training course at least I have been waiting for since we started the company: A MySQL training course for Developers.  And this is not just another standard MySQL for Developers training course. Based on our previous experiences at MySQL AB, we wanted to create something different, with a better fit. We wanted to aim this MySQL training course more at developers who already have experience using SQL and MySQL instead of just focusing on teaching SQL basics. Sure, we still cover the SQL basics, however it’s done quickly.  We focus more on the MySQL exceptions and how to optimize SQL on MySQL.  As a result, entire chapters are dedicated to query optimization in MySQL, choosing storage engines, replication and other things often related more to a DBA role, that we deemed to be important for an advanced MySQL developer. We have also added a large section focusing on solving complex problems with SQL, where we cover things like trees and hierarchies, simulating ranks, calculating the median value etc.

So if any of this sounds interesting that a look at the full course description: and sign up to a course near you!