Packed house at Paris MySQL User Group Meetup with Monty

MariaDB 10, Galera and a case study on CCM Benchmark

Over 80 participated in SkySQL’s MySQL User Group meetup in Paris on Tuesday 17th December 2013. Participants came to hear the latest on MariaDB from Michael “Monty” Widenius, Codership’s Galera Cluster and a case study by CCM Benchmark. The enthusiastic audience made up of DBA, developers and open source enthusiasts asked some interesting questions. Here are a few of them: Q: A lot of Linux distros have switched from MySQL to MariaDB. Why has Debian and Ubuntu not switched to MariaDB yet? A, Monty: MariaDB is in the queue with thousands of others to be reviewed – it’s just a question of time for it to be accepted to Debian. Debian being the playground for software before getting accepted to Ubuntu, MariaDB in Debian will follow soon after. Q: If I switch to MariaDB, which version should I go to? A, Monty: Go to 5.5 now if you don’t have any immediate needs for the features in MariaDB 10. You can easily upgrade to the GA version of MariaDB 10 when it becomes available in a couple of months. Q: Has Galera Cluster any plans to support other storage engines than InnoDB? A, Sakari: TokuDB would be interesting and is being considered, but it is currently out of scope to prioritize other development. For the slides from the event, please go to SkySQL Presentations. For photos from the event, see the Facebook album. For more on MariaDB 10 or Galera, see our SkySQL webinars.