Percona Live 2014 Wrap-up: 4400+ DBA hours spent away from work, and we all survived.. I think…

Like most of you who attended Percona Live this year I am now back in my office digging out of the pile of back logged email, and voice mail (just kidding, I don’t check voicemail). With the estimated 1100 people in attendance that means that over 4400 DBA hours were spent away from work. That is a huge commitment from all those companies who send their key staff down to Santa Clara to help hone their DBA’s skills and for networking opportunities. In my mind it is time very well spent. In fact I talked to a few attendees who said that with their new jobs asking if they would be able to attend this show was on their list of questions before making a decision. There was something even more positive about this year’s Percona Live event than I had noticed in the past. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there just seemed to be a very good vibe, many new people who were there for their first time, and some really interesting new releases from the vendors who were there.

Of course we were talking quite a bit about MariaDB 10.0’s General Release just prior to the event. And it has been getting much attention since the release. With over 200,000 downloads since the release announcement it is showing no signs of slowing down.

There were many questions about how MariaDB 10.0 stacks up against the current release of MySQL. We have put together a quick table that outlines some of the major differences. You can check it out here. The short answer is that there are so many new features that should deliver an unparalleled level of performance that you really need to test it out on your own application.

We aim to have fun in the SkySQL/MariaDB booth – how else could we stay semi-sane during those long hours? This year we brought back Doug from EventToons to do caricatures in our booth. He stepped it up this year and drew all of these by “finger painting” on an iPad. Like aways his work is amazing.

Recognize this fellow? He just happens to be the winnder of the MySQL Community Awards contributor of the year: Mr. Colin Charles
Have a look at the rest of the drawings on our Facebook Page>,  or our G+ page. Please tag those that you know.

We also like to take the time to learn about what other attendees are interested in learning about MariaDB and MySQL. This year we ran a contest to win a JamBox Mini – with the catch that in order to enter you had to first complete a short survey on a tablet. Our key take aways this year were:

Support services are very important to those that took the survey, but there was not always the budget to take care of this need:

Many people were currently not using MariaDB (they must be living under a rock), but over 76% are now considering it:

This should not come as a shock: “How Important is High Availability to you?” Over 70% said very important or greater.



We had a great time again this year at Percona Live. The show had a a great mix of people we know from years past, as well as a host of new people to the MySQL community who were at the event for their first time. Our team had the opportunity to share their knowledge in several tutorials and talks that lead to some great follow-up conversations about MariaDB, and we had a pile of fun during the week. We are looking forward to next year’s event, and hope that we see you there too.