SCALE12x: Another great year for this event

Last week several people from the MariaDB and SkySQL team headed down to Los Angeles to attend SCALE12x. This is our fourth year at this great event, and this year it seemed even bigger and better than in the previous years (and those were no slouches by any means).

Colin Charles, MariaDB’s Chief Evangelist, had two talks this year. The first was about MySQL and MHA, and the second was about MariaDB as a viable alternative to MySQL. Both of these talks were well attended. The database track as a whole was outstanding.


Standing room only for Colin’s talk
At every event that we attend I like to ask people if they have heard of MariaDB, or if they are using it. I would wager that his year over 80% of the people that I spoke with said that they were not only aware of MariaDB, but were either using or planning to do so. This increase is due to a number of factors, but the big ones are the recent coverage around MariaDB Enterprise, the major Linux distributions packaging MariaDB as the default SQL and large companies making very public switches to MariaDB.

Though this is just the start of the trade show season for MariaDB and SkySQL (come see us at OSCON, Percona live and many more to come) I am already looking forward to next year’s SCALE event.

PS. The videos of our talks will be available shortly for those who are interested.