Seal you next year! A successful MySQL-Friday the 13th in Santa Clara!

The SkySQL & MariaDB: Solutions Day for the MySQL Database (the first of its kind) took place last Friday (April 13th) in Santa Clara, and we’d like to thank everyone who attended, participated and generally helped make it the successful day that it was!

Seal for yourself what a happy day it was:

ivan seal.jpg

Images have been used to convey stories since the dawn of time, and though this was a 21st century technology event, we thought we’d go “old school” to illustrate this post instead of writing it! [You can also follow the full story on our Facebook page.]

It all started on Thursday evening, after the Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo wound down, when we began to set up for the next day. Amongst other things, we had to inflate 20 smiling seals! Even with an electric pump, it was quite the chore. But so worth it!

Check out our story in pictures:


Our event team, on the eve of the event. Tired, but happy as a pod of seals!


Max Mether hanging out with the friendly MariaDB seals before they were sent out to the MySQL & MariaDB sea.


One of the break-out sessions. Sheeri Cabral of Mozilla Foundation speaking here.

Friday was filled with talks on solutions for the MySQL & MariaDB database. Thank you to all our speakers for their participation.

  • Opening keynote from Monty Widenius and David Axmark, moderated by Kaj Arnö
  • Why MariaDB?, with Rasmus Johansson, Colin Charles & Sergei Golubchik, moderated by Kaj Arnö
  • Automating master failover and non-stop master switch with MHA for MySQL, with Yoshinori Matsunobu from Facebook
  • White-Hat Google Hacking, with Sheeri K. Cabral of Mozilla Foundation
  • Migrating to ScaleDB – From A Single Database Instance To A Cluster Of Integrated Database And Storage Nodes On The Cloud, withMoshe Shadmon of ScaleDB
  • The “MySQL DBA in a box”: MONyog Tutorial & Use Cases, with Rohit Nadhani of WebYog
  • Complex Multi-Master Solutions Made Easy with Tungsten, with Robert Hodges & Giuseppe Maxia of Continuent
  • De-Mystifying Columnar Databases, with June Tong of InfiniDB
  • Introduction to Sphinx for MySQL/MariaDB Users, with Andrew Aksyonoff of Sphinx
  • Using MySQL as a NoSQL Datastore – New Features in MySQL Cluster 7.2 GA, with Johan Andersson of Severalnines
  • MySQL, SkySQL @ Constant Contact by Dan Berry & Heather Sullivan of Constant Contact

Between Sphinx Day, Drizzle Day and our own Skysql & MariaDB Day, more than 200 attendees joined us at the mezzanine level of the Hyatt in Santa Clara for sessions, lunch and the afternoon Biergarten.


Monty presenting Trudy Pelzer with her prize during the drawing during the Biergarten.

It was great to seal everyone!

Stay tuned for presentations and videos from the event, which we will be sharing online soon!

And don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for even more photos of the event.