SkySQL Partners with Yoshinori Matsunobu to Provide Commercial Services for MySQL® Master High Availability Manager & Tools

Today, SkySQL announced a partnership with Yoshinori Matsunobu, an Oracle ACE Director and the creator of the newly announced MySQL Master High Availability Manager and Tools (MySQL MHA) for automating MySQL master failover. With this partnership, SkySQL will be the first MySQL database commercial services company to provide technical support, professional services, and training, for MySQL MHA.

“For the average organization, the difficulties of master failover are some of the biggest challenges of deploying a MySQL database,” said Yoshinori Matsunobu, creator of the MySQL MHA. “It’s a critical issue for any organization deploying a MySQL database, so the decision to choose a provider of professional services for the tool was not taken lightly.  We believe that SkySQL, with its depth and breadth of MySQL database expertise, is in the best position to live up to expectations in supporting MySQL MHA.  We are excited to work alongside the many MySQL veterans at SkySQL, who have been entrenched in the open source industry for many years.”

The primary objective of the MySQL MHA is automating master failover and slave promotion within short downtime, without incurring replication consistency problems or compromising performance. The tool helps enterprises avoid spending money on new servers, and is easily implemented, without changing existing deployments.

Technical support for MySQL MHA is an optional feature available with Platinum and Unlimited SkySQL Enterprise subscriptions.   SkySQL a “High Availability for the MySQL Database” training course, and has a High Availability consulting practice.