SkySQL’s Presentations at Percona Live: MySQL Conference and Expo

Our team has a number of talks at this year’s Percona Live: MySQL Conference and Expo, and we are excited to share some of our knowledge. If you are looking to learn more about MariaDB, some of 10.0’s new features or just how to make the most of MariaDB these talks are for you.

MaxScale, The Pluggable Router

  • Presenter(s): Massimilano Pinto and Viho Raatikka
  • When: April 2 4:50PM-5:40PM
  • Where: Ballroom A
  • Overview: MaxScale is a highly modular proxy with a pluggable API, that assists in offloading tasks away from both clients and the back-end servers. In its simplest form it acts as a non-blocking zero-copy load balancer for read-only connections, while in the other extreme it examines packets and parses queries, which are then processed according to the dynamically changeable rules exposed by plugged-in modules.

MariaDB Optimizer: See? No Indexes

  • Presenter(s):Sergi Golubchik and Servi Petrunia
  • When:April 3rd, 4:30-5:20PM
  • Where:BallRoom E
  • Overview: It is a common knowledge that in the MySQL world you have to use indexes to optimize your queries. Indexes provide fast access to the data, indexes provide statistics. True, indexes can also be quite expensive to maintain, but what choice do we have? New MariaDB 10.0 optimizer supports storage engine independent statistics tables. Which means that you can have data statistics calculated for all tables in all storage engines — consistently and comparably. But the best part — it can also calculate statistics for not indexed columns! And not just a cardinality, but real data distribution histograms! This talk will show how to configure the server to use this amazing new feature and what effect it can have on your queries..

MariaDB: New Storage Engines

  • Presenter(s):Sergei Golubchik
  • When:April 3rd, 1:00-1:50pm
  • Where:Ballroom H
  • Overview: The storage engine family in MariaDB got new members. CONNECT engine allows you connect MariaDB to almost anything and read data in almost any format. Cassandra engine lets you access a Cassandra cluster conveniently and transparently from MariaDB. Sequence engine is small, fast, and completely virtual, but it can be very useful in joins. These and other storage engines will be covered in this talk. Unique features, strong points, when to use and when to avoid — you will see how new storage engines help you to write simpler, faster, and more powerful applications..

MariaDB 10 – The Complete Tutorial

  • Presenter(s):Ivan Zoratti and Colin Charles
  • When:April 1st 1:30-4:30PM
  • Where:Ballroom D
  • Overview: MariaDB 10 is loaded with lots of new features to increase data integration, performance, availability, scalability and orchestration. This is a hands-on tutorial. The attendees will receive a USB key with handout material, software, examples and a VM that can be used to explore the functionalities of MariaDB 10..

MariaDB 10.0: What’s New

  • Presenter(s):Sergei Golubchik
  • When:April 2nd 3:50-4:40PM
  • Where:Ballroom E
  • Overview: If you’re maintaining and old application, you may want or not want to upgrade your database server. But if you start developing something new, you should know what the recent releases are capable of. MariaDB 10.0 is the latest stable branch of MariaDB, with many new features in replication, optimizer, administration, and other areas. This talk will go over everything new that MariaDB 10.0 has to offer. It will describe the new features, both MySQL 5.6 compatible, and MariaDB-only extensions, and show the usage examples and practical use cases.

MariaDB for Developers

  • Presenter(s):Colin Charles
  • When:April 4th, 3:00-3:50PM
  • Where:Ballroom C
  • Overview: MariaDB includes a lot of new features that developers can take advantage of. In this practical overview (this is not a hands on session – demos performed by the presenter), the attendee as a developer will learn to take advantage of the new MariaDB features over what is currently available in MySQL.

How we got replication 10x faster by using MariaDB 10.0

  • Presenter(s):Monty Widenius
  • When:April 2nd, 11:30-12:20PM
  • Where:Ballroom G
  • Overview: Monty will dive deep into how what changed with replication in MariaDB 10.0, and what impact those changes have had on performance. The title of this talk should provide a good hint as to the impact!

Team MariaDB will also be holding down the fort in the expo hall at booth #404. Please drop by and say hello. This would be a good place to come ask those questions that may have come up during one of our talks, or to pick up some of insanely good trade show swag that our marketing team has come up with. Everyone knows that now conference is complete.