Some Thoughts on MariaDB Enterprise Release 1

This past summer, when I joined SkySQL’s development team as product manager for MariaDB Enterprise, it became clear to me that the product needed to solve a specific, defined problem for customers trying to use MariaDB for business critical applications. Something that could be easily implemented, but that would remove a significant pain point. The feature we have chosen to highlight with this first release of MariaDB Enterprise is the ability to easily provision and manage nodes in a MariaDB Galera cluster using either a GUI interface or an API. Galera is powerful stuff but it is also finicky. What if we could make it so easy to set up a new Galera-based high availability cluster that people who’ve had trouble setting it up and evaluating it manually could just click a few buttons and provision and bring up a working high availability database cluster?

Interesting, but not enough. What if the GUI for this product worked by calling an API that can perform all the provisioning and management magic behind the scenes? What if this API could be integrated into IT automation tooling so that scripts and processes for administering databases could be extended to work with clusters? Now we’re getting somewhere!

MariaDB Enterprise is a combination of a back-end statistics monitor, a management API, and a GUI. This is an early iteration of a product that we are hoping will grow and evolve into a new way to leverage MariaDB for more demanding and complex applications that require more scalability, availability and performance than the base-level database project delivers out of the box. MariaDB Enterprise isn’t a new version of MariaDB, or a separate database product. Rather, it is a set of tools and add-ons that make using MariaDB for enterprise-class applications much easier.

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  • Read the FAQ and understand in more detail what MariaDB Enterprise is all about

Finally – consider joining the beta program if you haven’t already. We’re just starting it today, and it is a closed beta – you must sign up and be accepted to participate. So – sign up! But don’t wait too long – the beta period will end the first week of December!