Summer Progress & Collaboration

OpenStack TroveOver the summer, SkySQL has taken big strides in our collaboration with strategic partners. Our relationship with IBM has deepened and broadened as the porting and optimization of MariaDB on Power8 servers has progressed. The performance results look very promising and this collaboration is already opening some very exciting discussions with lead customers.

We also continue to work closely with Red Hat as the pace of upgrades to RHEL7 with MariaDB included is accelerating. Both Rackspace and Pivotal have recently integrated MariaDB into their cloud architectures and we are working with Tesora to integrate MariaDB into the OpenStack Trove project.

These partnerships are further growing the adoption of MariaDB among both large enterprises and the broader open source community. This has led to increasing the interest in MariaDB Enterprise and MariaDB Enterprise Cluster, which are tightly integrated subscription offerings for demanding enterprise environments.

Finally, we are sad to see the departure of Ivan Zoratti from the company. He has been with the company since the early days and played a crucial role in building deep relationships with many key customers. Ivan built a vision for the suite of tools and solutions around the database server. After the merger with MariaDB, this work evolved to what is today MariaDB Enterprise. In addition, Ivan has been instrumental in the creation of the MaxScale proxy system, which is now in beta and will be production ready shortly.

We wish Ivan all the best in his new challenges. We are now actively looking for candidates for the CTO position. Please spread the word and encourage any candidates matching the criteria to apply.