Team MariaDB looking forward to Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo

The Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo is coming up quickly and Team MariaDB is ready for another great event. This year our team has eight talks and tutorials and one Keynote:

  • 1+1>2 – Patrik Sallner – Keynote – Application developers and IT managers face an ever richer choice of databases in the market, so deciding the right combination for any given use case is essential. MariaDB is designed to work flexibly in combination with most other databases, both SQL and NoSQL. A new proxy gateway, MaxScale, allows MariaDB to address a further range of exciting new scenarios.
  • Meet MariaDB 10.1 – with Sergi Golubchik and Monty Widenius – New MariaDB major release will be GA soon. It has new unique features, performance enhancements, as well as better MySQL compatibility. This talk will go over everything new that MariaDB 10.1 has to offer. It will describe all new features, both MySQL compatible, and MariaDB-only ones and show usage examples and practical use cases.
  • The Complete MariaDB Server Tutorial – with Colin Charles – Colin covers everything from nose to toes on how to deploy and administer MariaDB
  • MariaDB CONNET Storage Engine to Simplify Heterogenous Data Access – with Serge Frezefond – He will show practical examples of how the MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine can help you get benefits from your existing data sources. When it comes to heterogeneous data the answer is not simple and the MariaDB CONNECT storage engine introduces a new range of possibilities.
  • MariaDB 10.1 INNODB: What’s New and Future Plans – with Jan Lindstrom – Learn about the improvements that are coming in MariaDB 10.1 for InnoDB/XtraDB storage engines. There will be improved support for page compression with new additional compression methods and atomic writes for Fusion-io Non Volatile Memories. Support for new 4K sector size devices and pages size up to 64Kb.
  • Analyze for Executable Statements – A New Way to do Optimizer Troubleshooting in MariaDB 10.1 – with Sergi Petrunia – MariaDB 10.1 adds support for ANALYZE for executable statements. EXPLAIN command provided query plans, now ANALYZE provides data about actual execution. This makes it much easier to diagnose query optimization problems. Sergi covers everything that you need to know about this topic.
  • MySQL in the Hosted Cloud – with Colin Charles – Colin will cover everything that you need to know about running MariaDB & MySQL in the hosted cloud. From design considerations to backup strategies – it’s all covered in this talk.
  • Simplified High Availability with Multi-Source Replication – Gerrardo Narvaja describes a typical MySQL highly available setup using traditional MySQL replication, then cover the new multi-source replication features as offered in MariaDB 10.0, MySQL 5.7 and how these features can facilitate slave promotion and migration. Additionally I will cover how-to migrate from the traditional replication setup to a fully functional multi-source alternative with no downtime using MariaDB.
  • Adding Indirection Enhances Functionality – The Story of a Proxy – With Massimiliano Pinto and Mark Riddoch – MaxScale, MariaDB’s latest product, is covered in depth in this talk. MaxScale project which provides a pluggable architecture and unique knowledge of SQL syntax to enable complex routing decisions to be made whilst providing simple mechanisms to extend and enhance the functionality of the proxy.

And of course you can expect the find us all in the Expo hall where we always seem to host an exciting booth. Make sure you stop by to see what we have in store for this year. On top of our team members who will be hosting talks you can also come by our booth to meet with MariaDB executives, members of our sales and training teams. Again this year one of our customers,, have several talks:

  • Binlog Servers at – with Jean-Francois Gange – Jean-Francois will talk about how booking took advantage of MariaDB MaxScale to solve a major replication challenge that they faced. Their custom plug-in for MariaDB MaxScale became the foundation for their BINLOG server setup. This will be a great talk for anyone who is looking to iron out any of the kinks in their HA deployments, or looking to learn more about MariaDB MaxScale
  • Evolution of MySQL System Design – with Nicolai Plum – In this talk Nicolai will discuss the continued evolution of their database architecture at If you are curious to see how MySQL architecture has evolved along with’s major scaling this is a talk for you.
  • PSEUDO GTID and Easy Replication Management – with Shlomi Noach – This session introduces a technique called “Pseudo GTID” which allows easy refactoring of replication topologies, and makes balanced, deeply nested topologies achievable, safe and productive. Sclomi will be including a live demo during this talk.

We hope to see you there this year!