Update from SkySQL CEO: Patrik Sallner

On April 25th, we announced the merger of SkySQL with the MariaDB team. We are now pleased to announce that as of yesterday, September 30th, this merger was closed following approval by the relevant authorities. The teams are now one and we are focused on laying a course for the successful evolution and growth of MariaDB.

Over the last few weeks, some community members have rightly expressed concerns about the recent introduction of mariadb.com. It is still a work in progress, so I want to make it very clear now what has happened and why. While we were waiting for the merger to close, we decided to consolidate the various websites associated with the MariaDB team into mariadb.com. That has been completed, but far from indicating some lesser involvement, it reflects our desire to keep our increasing input simple, clear and accessible.

SkySQL will launch MariaDB Enterprise as a subscription that bundles the MariaDB database server with a range of related products and services that are complementary to the database and facilitate its adoption, use and management by enterprises. Some proprietary offerings are necessary in the bundle in order to leverage and fulfil commercial requirements. That said, the openness, integrity and continued development of MariaDB database itself must never be compromised.

SkySQL is dedicating increased resources to ensure that the MariaDB Server will remain a modern, competitive and 100% open platform. We need to build MariaDB into an even stronger Open Source database, and for that we need to make our community involvement (both technical and non-technical) better than it has ever been. We aim to play an active part in the MariaDB Community as a good community citizen. It is SkySQL’s intention to use the MariaDB trademark responsibly to meet the expectations of both the Community and enterprises. We are working with the MariaDB Foundation to publish a policy in this regard.

I sincerely appreciate all the feedback you have given so far. We see exciting prospects for MariaDB and aim to ensure it meets the expectations of the ever-growing number of people adopting it.