When You’re Ready for the Cloud, SkySQL Will Be There To Help You Make the Most of It

When SkySQL opened its doors two years ago, we purposely set out with the goal to build trusted and value-for-money services for users of MySQL and MariaDB databases. We focused on offering a quality alternative for those deploying open source systems – and we feel that we have succeeded. Our plan was to build a service business and customer base that will create a strong platform on which to develop our own products in collaboration with key customers. Red Hat is the only other successful start-up that I am aware of having taken a similar approach of first building a successful services business before developing products.

Now we are taking a major step towards the next phase of SkySQL, with the mission to become the leading provider of solutions for MySQL & MariaDB users to manage their databases and data effectively in the enterprise and the cloud. Yesterday, we launched a renewed SkySQL Enterprise Data Suite, as well as the SkySQL™ Cloud Data Suite, the first ever graphical interface for easily deploying and managing a cluster of highly available open source databases in the cloud.

We let a few members of the media know what we’re up to last week, and one writer was so excited he couldn’t keep it a secret until we were ready. The news continued to spread quickly across Twitter and other channels.

The new SkySQL Cloud Data Suite leverages the insights gained from working with more than 300 enterprise customers over the past two years. One thing we’ve learned is that customers have different needs and capabilities for deploying their databases in the cloud. Some are ready to dive straight in, but the majority are dipping their foot in one toe at a time. This is why today’s release is the first of many to be added over time to the Cloud Data Suite. With this release, we expect many of our customers to experiment with cloud database deployments – for piloting, development or testing of new applications in the cloud.

New features and releases will be added to the Cloud Data Suite in coming months as we aspire to enable you to stepwise extract maximum value and performance from the potential offered by cloud architectures. In future releases, you can expect more tools that will enable you to make the transition to the cloud easy and painless.

There have been inflated expectations around cloud computing in the past few years, but the cloud is a more efficient architecture that will truly be disruptive. The cloud today is in a similar place as the Internet was at the turn of the millennium. People may have expected too much from the Internet too quickly. But over the years, its impact has been more transformative than anyone imagined. I believe we will experience a similar phenomenon with the cloud. Most companies hesitate in terms of how best to capture some of the benefits of cloud while avoiding the apparent risks. Others know they need it now, but aren’t sure how to get there. We are here to help companies move forward stepwise – at their pace.

And we are also very aware that irrespective of the cloud, MySQL and MariaDB users are there for all the benefits that open source software can provide. Most of them have never bought support or consulting for their open source databases. Yet many of the applications that run on these databases, be they web sites, e-commerce or blogs, are becoming increasingly business-critical and demand constantly improved performance as the business grows. Our improved SkySQL™ Enterprise Data Suite also introduced yesterday, is a package of services and solutions that makes it easier for any MySQL or MariaDB user to ensure reliable operations based on support SLAs and the latest enhancements for improved performance. We have a Starter Pack that allows first-timers to try out our support, as well as a range of solutions for more demanding needs.

So, I encourage you to go to our website and try out the new Cloud Data Suite. Use it, kick the tires and let us know what you think. Your feedback will help us improve what’s available today, as well as ensure that our next releases allow you to harness the potential that the cloud has to offer.

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