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October 25, 2017

20 Tips: Prepare Your Database for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

With all the excitement leading up to the holidays, it's easy to overlook how to prep your database environment for the biggest online shopping days of the year! Each year, more and more shoppers opt for online holiday deals instead of the more traditional mall experience, which means that retailers must prepare for multiple days of high online traffic to their e-commerce sites. This year you’ll be prepared, as I’m passing along 20 tips to tune your database environment for some of the biggest online holiday shopping days – Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

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October 11, 2017

Instant ADD COLUMN for InnoDB

Perhaps one of the most important InnoDB changes coming in MariaDB Server 10.3 is Instant ADD COLUMN for InnoDB tables. Normally, adding a column to a table requires the full table to be rebuilt. With instant ADD COLUMN, all that is needed is a special kind of an INSERT or UPDATE of table metadata. For a large table, instead of taking several hours, the operation would be completed in the blink of an eye.

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October 02, 2017

Getting Started with MariaDB Galera and MariaDB MaxScale on CentOS

MariaDB Galera Cluster is a great way to implement High Availability with MariaDB and combining it with MariaDB MaxScale creates a great High Availability Cluster with transparent failover. Getting started with any HA solution is mostly a bit confusing as there are so many components that work together and each has to be configured to work with the other. This blogpost shows how to get started with MariaDB Galera Cluster with MariaDB MaxScale on CentOS / RHEL 7.

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