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September 09, 2011

Client requested master to start replication from impossible position

If you run a replicated MySQL setup and have a master failure, you may see the following error in your error log.

[ERROR] Error reading packet from server: Client requested master to start replication from impossible position ( server_errno=1236) 

At this point your slave will not be replicating and you will need to recover from the situation. But why did it occur in the first place and what does it mean to your data integrity?

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August 04, 2011


As the dog days of summer set in and temperatures rise, this year’s O’Reilly OSCON conference in Portland, OR offered the open source community a brief respite from the heat. However, if you’re thinking the event lacked sizzle, think again. The energy, the discussions and the opportunities to collaborate, plus the chance to learn from/ interact with customers and potential customers, made OSCON one of the highlights of July.

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July 27, 2011

Introducing the SkySQL™ Recovery Manager

Today at OSCON, SkySQL will introduce the SkySQL™ Recovery Manager.  Powered by Zmanda, the SkySQL™ Recovery Manager is the most advanced backup and recovery solution for the MySQL® database.  SkySQL’s solution makes life easier for any database administrator in need of a robust, yet flexible and easy to use backup and recovery manager.

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