DataOps – includes option for MariaDB Certification Exam!

June 20, 2019, Barcelona

DataOps focuses on open source databases, infrastructure, and big data – but also addresses machine learning and blockchain. MariaDB is covered in following presentations:

  • Understanding the architecture of MariaDB ColumnStore
    21 June, 9:00, Room A4
    Maria Luisa Raviol, Senior Sales Engineer, MariaDB Corporation Ab
  • New features and enhancements of Spider Storage Engine for sharding
    21 June, 12:15, Room A3
    Kentoku Shiba, Principal Software Engineer, MariaDB Corporation Ab

Plus, for the first time ever in Europe, DataOps is offering MariaDB Certification Exams. Don’t miss this opportunity to validate your expertise and skills! Successful completion of the exam documents that you’re able to adeptly perform associate-level MariaDB tasks, including configuration, tuning and troubleshooting MariaDB databases. You have two attempts to pass!