MariaDB Meetup London

March 12, 2019, 6:30pm - 9:00pm

As an introduction to this Meetup Maria Luisa Raviol, Anders Karlsson, and Steve Keil will spend some time sharing with you what happened last week during the latest edition of our amazing conference MariaDB OpenWorks in New York.

This will be followed by three sessions:

  • Steve Keil will talk about what HTAP is and how we can cover it with the MariaDB Platform X3, and I will be happy to share with you how QBerg, an Italian market research institute that delivers pricing intelligence for manufacturers and retailers, is successfully running MariaDB Platform X3 in production.
  • Special guest Federico Razzoli will talk about MariaDB temporary tables.
    System-versioned tables are a MariaDB specific feature that allows you to keep a track of how data change over time. We will discuss what we can do with this feature, how to rebuild the history of some rows’ data changes, how to get statistics on data evolution, and how to recover from certain human errors.
  • Anders Karlsson, will then close the evening with his talk: Getting the most out of MariaDB MaxScale. MariaDB MaxScale is the world’s most advanced database proxy, and while the most common use case for it is load balancing and automatic failover, it can do much more. In this session, we’ll explore the variety of things you can do with MariaDB MaxScale. We will look at the database firewall, the LUA script module, the hints filter and other ways to take advantage of MariaDB MaxScale.