Introducing MariaDB TX 2.0!

The complete open source enterprise database solution 


MariaDB TX is a transactional database platform built upon MariaDB Server, MariaDB MaxScale and MariaDB Cluster, and includes database connectors and administration tools, as well as expert services beyond technical support – creating a complete enterprise database solution.

Innovative features include everything from the most complete set of JSON functions found in a relational database to unrivaled performance and efficiency with the MyRocks storage engine (developed by Facebook) to advanced security with data masking and denial of service protection.

In this webinar, Dipti Joshi and Ralf Gebhardt, Product Management at MariaDB, will provide an in-depth look at MariaDB TX 2.0 while walking through new features using practical examples.

You will learn about the following features and more:

  • JSON functions, common table expressions and window functions
  • InnoDB improvements and MyRocks, a new storage engine
  • Binary Log compression and read throttling
  • Enhancements to the query optimizer and virtual column indexes
  • Data masking, result set limiting and prepared statement filtering 

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