Comments - About MariaDB Connector/ODBC

6 years, 5 months ago H Json

There are two linux ODBC managers available to use: unixODBC and iODBC.

unixODBC has two setup files /etc/odbcinst.ini and /etc/odbc.ini. /etc/odbcinst.ini sets up the odbc driver information (the odbc driver lib file), and /etc/odbc.ini then refers to this driver information to set up the DSN or data server name (the database you will be accessing). Each of these two setup files requires a number of correctly configured parameters. For the maria ODBC connection, what are the reccomended parameters in these files?

Also there need to be two drivers refered to in /etc/odbcinst.ini, the odbc driver (Driver=.. ) and the "Setup" driver (Setup=..). But in the maria ODBC distro I am only seeing one driver.

I have not yet tried to get the iODBC manager to work, but it appears similar to the apparently more traditional unixODBC manager.

5 years, 5 months ago Lawrin Novitsky

iODBC is not supported now. I expect that some functionality will work with it, but some problems are unavoidable. In particular I guess ANSI part of the API should mostly work, while Unicode won't.

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